Choosing the RIGHT real estate professional is the the most important decision you will make when buying any property. Call Ken @ 256.225.7435 or Selena @ 256.225.7431. 

Before you shop:

#1 Give Ken a call @ 256.225.7435 or Selena @ 256.225.7531. We will have an initial consult over the phone and during our conversation we will explain the entire buying process start to finish so you will be a PRO! 

#2 Get pre-approved. After your initial consult with us we will recommend the lender that's the best fit for your exact situation. This will help you save not only money but also a ton of headache, aggrivation, delayed closing, or even your deal falling apart! This prequalification takes very little time and let's you know the price range that fits your lifestyle & what loan type best suites your needs. 

#3 Start Shopping. The next step is to start looking for homes. We will give you all the latest technology including our free app for your iPhone or Android device along with our custom website that is simple to use. Once you know the area you want ask yourself what you're looking for in a home before you shop. Think about what you want before looking that way you can stay focused on what really works for your family. 

#4 After we find the perfect home it's time to make an offer. We will help advise you of a fair market value by providing comps, data, while also providing our professional opinion on making a offer. We want our buyer's to get the best deal possible & this is where our expertise comes in. We have sold hundreds of properties & our expertise will help you save thousands while also protecting your best interest at all times! After we get a executed contract on your new home DO NOT MAKE ANY major purchases, incur any additional debt, or apply for any new credit cards etc. Remember, your lender will re-evaluate your financial situation before closing. Many deals have fallen apart due to a buyer purchasing a new car, applying for a new credit card, and a thousand other reasons! 

#5 Home Inspection After we get the contract it's time for a home inspection. This is something a buyer doesn't have to do but we recommend them 100% of the time. A inspector will check the heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, foundation, roof, & everything in between. After the inspection we will go thru the report with you & advise you on what is important and whats not really important. Then we will ask the seller to make repairs that are important to you & this is the second part of negotiations. After we negotiate repairs were off to the next step. 

#6 Appraisal After the inspection is negotiated we will tell your lender to order the appraisal. The appraiser is going to make sure the home is worth at least the contract sales price & if your doing a (FHA, USDA, VA) loan those appraisers will do their own health & safety inspection. If you had a previous home inspecton done there shouldn't be any surprises at this point because you will already be aware of anything the appraiser might call and if they do these items MUST be done in order for your loan to go thru. This is why 99% of foreclosues won't work for a buyer. Foreclosures are sold only AS IS WITH NO REPAIRS WHATSOEVER. Even if a buyer loves a home and they are willing to buy it in the condition it's in the majority won't finance. For example if a home is in mint conditon with the exception of 1 light missing with wires exposed this is something an appraiser would say has to be fixed. We know already the foreclosure company won't fix anything or allow a buyer fix it either so we can let you know what homes will or won't work from the beginning so we don't waste your time looking at homes like this. 

#7 Closing After the appraisal is complete and everything is good we will set up your closing day/time. We will let you know what attorneys office to meet, and the only thing you will need is your drivers license & certified check for any funds you need to bring. At that point you will sign all of your closing documents & become a happy home owner!